What To Post on Social Media for My Business? 5 Ingenious Examples That Any Small Business Can Use

It's the #1 question I am asked: What should I post on social media for my small business?


There are many options and when I start brainstorming, the business owner inevitably starts giving me this very overwhelmed expression 😧 and then gets completely frustrated and shuts down. Sound familiar? I understand. Humans don't like so many options, even if we claim we do 🙂 😐

I also get the "but my industry isn't something that translates well to social" that further frustrates the business owner

For example, tax planners 🧾, financial planners 💵, mortgage brokers 🏠, realtors and medical professionals ⚕️ often express concern about posting content on social under the shadow of their regulations - they don't want to "get in trouble" for posting content on social. All of these concerns are addressed in the samples 🖊️ of creative content below. 

What do I post on social media for my business" is as easy as following the lead of these innovative business owners:

Example #1: Screenshare a "boring" task (that your target market will appreciate)

This tax preparer created a video that walks a freelancer through how to estimate her quarterly taxes using the IRS's Tax Withholding Estimator.

It's quite genius: All she did was screencapture herself adding info to the form, adding narration and captions over the video and then voila! A social post that is engaging, helpful, informative and doesn't require any special lighting 🤗

How To Do This

Use a "Screen Capture" tool. Some popular tools include:

Nimbus Capture and Screencastify are free screen-capture chome extensions that allow you to record screencasts, videos, and screenshots that can be annotated and shared instantly. You download both Nimbus Capture and Screencastify as Chrome Extensions and then activate them when you're ready to record. 

Practise scrolling through what you want to show

Spend time scrolling through the form or website you want to highlight. Time yourself. Does it take one minute or less? Can you speed it up? Use the screen capture software and watch it on repeat so you can edit as you need.

Create a script - Get started by using a prompt for Chatgpt


This is not something you can "wing." Write a script and stick to it. To get yourself started, use Chatgpt. For example, using the TaxesForArtists Instagram post from above, you might enter this prompt:

Write a voiceover scrip, in an upbeat and witty manner, describing how to estimate my freelancer taxes using the IRS website

Entering that prompt produced this:

[Upbeat music plays as the camera zooms in on a smiling person sitting at their desk with a laptop open in front of them.]

Voiceover: "Hey there, freelancer! Are you tired of feeling like a deer in headlights every time someone mentions taxes? Well, fear not, because estimating your taxes as a freelancer is easier than you think! And the best part? You can do it all by yourself on the IRS website!"

[Cut to a screen recording of the IRS website.]

Voiceover: "First, head over to the IRS website and locate the Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center. From there, you can access the Tax Withholding Estimator tool. This tool will guide you through the process of estimating your taxes based on your income, deductions, and credits."

[Cut back to the person at their desk.]

Voiceover: "Now, I know what you're thinking. 'But what if I have no idea what my deductions and credits are?' Well, my friend, that's where the fun begins! The Tax Withholding Estimator will ask you a series of questions about your income and expenses, and give you a rough estimate of how much you should be setting aside for taxes each quarter."

[Cut back to the IRS website.]

Voiceover: "And the best part? You can adjust your estimates as your income and expenses change throughout the year! It's like having your own personal tax calculator at your fingertips."

[Cut back to the person at their desk.]

Voiceover: "So, don't let taxes stress you out any longer. Head over to the IRS website and use their Tax Withholding Estimator tool to estimate your taxes like a pro. Trust me, your future self will thank you for it!"

[The camera zooms out as the person closes their laptop and gives a thumbs up.]

Voiceover: "Freelancing just got a whole lot easier. Happy estimating!"

Adapt the copy to your screenshare (you probably don't need all the camera directions) and record (using the screenshare software)

Example #2: Share a simple tip that YOU know, but your followers might not know

This Financial Planner (@brokemillennialblog) shared this simple graphic about asking your medical provider if you can get a discount for paying cash.

Her caption included, "...I saved $300 by paying in cash.... I learned about this little discount just by actually reading the intake paperwork when I went to a new dentist for my regular cleaning. It mentioned offering 5% off if you pay in cash...."

So simple, yes?

How To Do This

Think about FAQ's that people ask you and create content from those questions

For example, a previous client, Wells Gibson Family Law, crafted a super simple "5 Myths About Divorce," as a simple carousel post on Instagram. While it consisted of myths and not tips, it was something that she heard often, that her market maybe did not know where myths. Again, a super simple, helpful post.

Create a simple graphic using Canva and post!

I've written about free resources small businesses can use to create social media and Canva is one of the best. Full of free fillable designs and ideas on every social media platform that exists, Canva is a small business god-send and should definitely be something you spend time using. 

Example #3: Create something your market will relate to (AND think is funny)

I don't know about you, but I ABHOR getting my expenses ready for my tax person. ABSOLUTELY despise it! If you're a small business owner, I'm sure you can relate! Chris Lam of Chris Lam Connects made a hilariously relatable post about this very thing.

I don't know about you, but I ABHOR getting my expenses ready for my tax person. ABSOLUTELY despise it! If you're a small business owner, I'm sure you can relate! Chris Lam of Chris Lam Connects made a hilariously relatable post about this very thing.

How To Do This

This is an Instagram Reel. She recorded the video, chose the audio from a list of music options that Instagram provided her, and added the text. It's quick, simple and a fun way to connect to your audience. 

Save yourself from headaches:

When creating Instagram Reels, make sure to save, save and save again. Anyone who has dabbled in Reels knows the exquisite pain of not saving and losing ALL the clips you just painstakingly trimmed for that ONE reel.😧

Reels can be saved in drafts, but you have to remember to do it.

Example #4: Bathroom Chats (about Real Estate)

Chris Spade is a San Diego real estate agent known for his sense of humor, deep voice and direct perspective on buying and selling homes. His "Bathroom Chats," were a pandemic-inspired series crafted in order to share content during a time when he couldn't show houses.

Literally, Chris stands in his bathroom, getting ready for the day, while talking real estate! It's simple, useful and doesn't require a ton of attention. 

You could totally do the same thing. I've seen attorneys putting makeup on, talking law and moms brushing their hair, giving you tips on how to manage your toddler.

🗝️ The key: Plan your content ahead of time. Do your research: What is my target market searching Google for? What are they wanting to know? Similar to the above FAQ example, this "Bathroom Talk" is just a tactic to use to answer your market's questions - AND give them a tidy dose of your personality.

Example #5: Behind the Scenes (with love)

How to do it

Take a selfie! Once a week, look up from your desk and take a selfie - messy desk and all! The algorithms like images with human faces, gaining you greater reach, and your fans will appreciate the vulnerability.

Or, if you're in the middle of a big project/deal/client work, stop and take a photo! You might think it's mundane, but remember: To someone else, what you consider mundane, is magic.🪄

Favorite weekend anchor and reporter at KITV4, Tom George posted a sweet post on the 4-year anniversary of his being added to the KITV4 team. The caption read:

Island time flies by — 4 years at 4 this week — Mahalo Hawaii for taking a chance on this Maryland guy and trusting me with your stories

It's no secret that my stepmother is Catherine Cruz, reporter at KITV4 for 35+ years, so KITV4 has a special place in my world.

I included this post because of its simple message: Thank you for allowing me to come into your home every week, even though I'm not from Hawaii, and for taking a chance on me.

It displays gratefulness, behind-the-scenes and realness (everything that makes a thoughtful social post).

Behind-the-scenes posts are ALWAYS powerful. Everyone wants to see the curtain pulled back and the magic revealed. Even if it isn't magic. It's something we all can relate to. We all know that a lot of social is crafted and contrived, which makes us yearn for more authentic posts even more. 

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